Embracing the Power of Your Dreams

Conquer your fear, and jump to realize your potential

Let’s talk about dreams. This is my understanding of what a dream is; it is an inspiring vision of one’s future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it. Hence embracing the power of your dreams

Everyone at least has a dream he or she is passionate about. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy their dreams. On some occasions, you even share those dreams with people you care about or you think that care about your dreams but often, the only feedback you get is what I call the “You can’t do it speeches”. This may lead to some people developing a fear, a fear of failure.

I cannot emphasize this enough to you that the only person who cares a lot about your dreams is you. You may need guidance when pursuing your dream but, you don’t need anyone’s approval to pursue your dream.

Your dreams might be small, big, or even considered stupid dreams by someone else and this because others may not have the same vision as you.
To properly pursue your dreams, there three important pillars I would like to point out to you;

Understanding and believing in yourself.

I believe most of you had heard people saying that when you believe in something for a long time, eventually it becomes true. Unfortunately, some people believe a lot in negative things except believing that inside of each one of us, there is a great potential in achieving anything you put your mind too.

It is so sad that people spend too much time learning everything about someone else yet they know nothing about themselves. I want to pose this question to you, my reader. “When you look in the mirror, can you list at least 3 strong things about that guy looking back at you! I wish we could all realize how much potential is inside each one of us, most people would be able to move the mountains

Conquering the fear of failure

Once you understand who you really are, then you can be able to conquer your fear of failure. Most often we ask ourselves that “what if I try this and fail? ” but we rarely ask, “What if I try something and succeed?”. Steve Harvey once said, ” You will never know your potential until you try something“. You cannot learn to fly if you fear to take a jump. You have to jump and once you do, you will then realize your potential.

There’s joy in trying to do something, even when you fail to achieve it, you will be more grateful that you tried. Also, think about how much growth you will attain by trying something new. Spend some time to understand who you are. Then you will be able to conquer the fear of failure and will then be able to embrace the power of your dreams

Embracing your dreams

Embracing your dream will keep you motivated and energized to take actions towards achieving that dream. A lot can happen along the way but as long, as you committed to it, you will eventually come to achieve it. For sure, there might be some changes you must make along the way, but you know what, that’s a small price to pay.

So, I want you to think about the joy that comes with the fulfillment of your dream. There is that joy that comes with achieving something you have worked so hard to achieve. That joy makes you for even forgot all the hurdles you have gone through and you often hear people saying that if they had to do it over again, they would. 

Remember “There is no problem outside of you greater than the power within you” – Joe Osteen. Until then, I hope each of us can embrace the power of his or her dreams, continue to dream the dream today and plan to live the dream tomorrow.

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Author: Lawrence Bukenya

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Internet Marketer and Author

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