For those starting business  and those who are experienced these are some of the most important business tools.

1.     Finance

This involves  managing or learning online invoicing, time tracking, and expense services.

Easy  management of payroll and business receipts for free.

You might also need to do specialization especially when it comes to business expenses and invoices. Doing this will help you concentrate on          other areas in your business

2.     Customer Support

  • Since customers are valuable Create an efficient  customer service interface with  create support boards and streamline your response time.
  • Provide Customer support and provide prompt feedback
  • Create surveys on our website, YouTube, survey monkey and google surveys which will help you to know what your customers think
  • Frequently reward your customers through discounts so that they
  • Make your self available at least one a month so that you know your customers personally.



There are so many business tools but depending on your level of expertise you might find this worth of trying. I would like to share with you some of the business tools i use

  1. Momentum
    Momentum is a homepage replacement app designed to inspire you and keep you focused throughout your work day. When I open my browser, Momentum greets me by name with an inspiring picture and quote. Hey who doesnot need an inspiration. when your down try this.
  2. Slack
    Slack is a beautiful chat app is an amazing communication tool for teams and mastermind groups.
  3.  Dropbox
    Dropbox is great for storage, backups and has a huge amount of  plugin apps for every device. This will improve your experience because you will access information anywhere with out worrying about network.