The Power To Conquer Your Fear

Conquer The Fear and Work On Your Dream

It’s always not an easy thing to start up something in real life. Let it be economically, socially, morally or in any aspect of life. It’s because, in every single one of us, there is always that fear of failure. The fear to fail pushes us to the red corner where most people would rather be than stretching their limits and fail. One needs to be brave to conquer that fear so to move forward. You have the power to conquer your fear.

Life is all about starting something irrespective of what other people are saying. All you need is to set your goal, have a plan, work in silence and let your achievements make the noise.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you go solo, but seek guidance from those versed with knowledge on what you are trying to pursue. Also, remember consultation is one of the strongest pillars in achieving your goal.


Always start by setting up a SMART goal. By SMART I mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. You need to stay focused on your goal so that you do not lose track. Then have a plan in place to get to your goal. As you execute your plan, you will need to make some changes along the way.

Dealing with Criticism and Failure

Do not focus on the criticism from other people. You will always be criticized when you do things differently from what people are used to. This is human nature. Every time someone is trying to move away from the “this is how we have always done this” thinking, criticism arises. But remember, if you want to differentiate yourself from the masses, you will have to adopt a different way of doing things. At the end of the day, it’s your goal, not anyone else.

Some people call it luck if you set a challenging goal and manage to achieve it. But I call it resilience because it takes hard work, focus and continuous improvement for one to achieve his goal. Most of the time things do not turn out the way you plan, but that does not mean that you have failed. Always be flexible to change your plan instead of the goal. A lot of time if you fail to attain your goal, it means that your plan is missing some key pieces. So, all you must do is to go back to the drawing board and make the necessary adjustments.

How You Deal with Failure

Personally, I take the failure to attain my goal as a learning opportunity. By this I mean, it’s a lesson for me not to follow the same plan to get to that goal. I always change the plan and try again and eventually, I find the working way. You must also have to find a way to deal with the short-comings in your plans.

If even Albert Einstein failed more than 1000 times before he succeeded. Why not try at least one more time before you give up! I believe now you understand when I say that resilience is a key to success.

Take Your First Step

In my country (Uganda), we have a saying for a kid when he tries to make his first step but fall. The saying is ” Ennume ekula bigwo “. This is translated to “A bull becomes strong through falls or a man learns by mistakes”. Now if you think about, it doesn’t matter how many times that kid falls, he will always get back up and try again and again. Eventually, he will be able to run and then even jump.

So, my friend even a journey of 1000 miles starts with taking one step. I want to implore you to take your first step today towards your goal. Do not spend too much time preparing because, in the end, you might never get started. And the truth is, you will never be completely prepared. There will always be things you will not know until you get started working on your goal. Once you start on implementation, things will start falling in place and some things you might have thought to be impossible may end up being very simple.

Stop being limited by that fear of failure or by the criticism from other people, start focusing more on your abilities to start something even if it’s so small and there is no better time to START than TODAY.

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Author: Lawrence Bukenya

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